Welcome To Our Blog!

At Hawkins Complete Dental Service we’re not like other general dentists. We offer a wider range of services than many general dentists, some of which we’ll write about in our blog. We’ll also discuss some of the latest dental trends and technologies, and how they can be used to improve your family’s oral health and smiles.

If you have any questions about what you read in our blog or about any other aspects of your family’s dental care, call our Zanesville, OH dentist office at 740-214-1301.

5 Ways We Raise the Bar on Your Dental Care

We’re kicking off our new blog by highlighting five ways our dental practice raises the bar on your family’s dental care:

  • You’ll experience the latest dental technology . From our CEREC system, used to make same-day dental crowns, to DIAGNOdent, which helps us find cavities in their earliest stages, we use the latest dental technology to improve your dental outcomes and to keep your treatments comfortable and convenient.
  • You can get three types of dental sedation . Not all dental anxiety is the same. Different people respond better to different types of dental sedation. So Dr. Hawkins offers three types: nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), oral sedation, and IV sedation.
  • You’ll enjoy great amenities . What experience isn’t better with a massage? You can relax in one of our massage chairs while getting a teeth whitening treatment or any other dental service. And go ahead and grab a fresh-baked cookie for the road on your way out.
  • You’ll get comprehensive dental care . We don’t want you to have to visit multiple doctors for your family’s dental care. So we offer all the services you’re likely to need, from dental exams to orthodontics to oral surgery.
  • You can get free consultations for some of our services, including mini dental implants.

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