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Migraine and Headache Solutions

Wake Up Without Headaches

  • Say goodbye to debilitating migraines
  • Find several ways to treat your headaches
  • Wear an oral appliance & wake up feeling better

Feel Better With Migraine & Headache Solutions in Zanesville

You can find solutions for your headaches at our practice, especially if they are caused or worsened by TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. Dr. Charles Hawkins can help with our migraine and headache solutions in Zanesville. They will:

  • Ease tension in your face, head, neck, and shoulders
  • Help you relax and sleep better
  • Reduce harmful teeth-grinding
  • Allow you to look forward to your day
  • Reduce your downtime from headache pain

Call our dentist office today at 740-214-1301 to explore possible solutions for your headaches. We’re located at 2560 Maysville Pike. In addition to Zanesville, we serve communities in Perry, Morgan, Muskingum, Guernsey, Franklin, and Licking counties.

Relax Your Jaw With a Custom Splint, Medication, or Bite Correction

Your two TMJ joints connect your jaw to your skull. Several dental problems can cause or contribute to headaches, such as teeth grinding or an uneven or misaligned bite. Dr. Hawkins can suggest solutions that may help, including:

  • Custom Splint – A custom-made splint may alleviate migraine pain by keeping you from grinding your teeth. It also gently moves your jaw into a comfortable position and takes pressure off your TMJ. Dr. Hawkins will take careful measurements. Your splint will fit you perfectly.
  • Botox® – Dr. Hawkins can also use this FDA-approved medication to treat migraines. It will relax your jaw muscles and may relax other facial muscles that cause headaches. Studies have shown that Botox can reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.
  • Bite Correction – Dr. Hawkins will determine if a misaligned bite is contributing to your headaches. If so, he can suggest solutions to improve your alignment. He may recommend orthodontics or dental crowns. In addition to headache relief, you’ll chew more easily with a well-aligned bite.

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service today at 740-214-1301. You can also request an appointment online. Stop suffering and start feeling better with Zanesville migraine and headache solutions.

Common Questions About Migraine and Headache Solutions
What causes headaches?

There could be any number of reasons for your headaches, from stress to sleep deprivation to caffeine withdrawal to more serious, underlying issues with your health. You may also be causing them without knowing it if you grind your teeth or clench down on your jaw unwittingly. This is especially tricky to determine if you tend to do this while you sleep.

How is a migraine different from a headache?

Every year, there are more than three million reported cases of migraines in the U.S., so it’s more common than you might think. This is a unique type of head pain that’s often far more intense and joined by other unpleasant symptoms like light and sound sensitivity and nausea. You may experience migraines that come with painful throbbing in one concentrated area of your head as well.

How can a dentist help relieve my headaches and migraines?

We can take measurements of your mouth to create a custom mouth splint that you can wear while you sleep. This strategy is a conservative but effective way to relieve the pressure being placed on your teeth and jaw and ultimately reduce or eliminate your headaches. Dr. Hawkins may also provide FDA-approved medication or TMJ treatment to relieve your pain.