Find Relief With Effective Migraine Solutions in Zanesville

A migraine headache can be a debilitating experience that sends you to a darkened room and leaves you unable to do much of anything. Though you might not think of consulting with your dentist about migraine solutions in Zanesville, Dr. Charles Hawkins may be able to offer relief – especially if your headaches are caused or worsened by issues related to your TMJ (temporomandibular joints). He can help you:

  • Ease tension in your face, head, neck, and shoulders
  • Relax and sleep better
  • Reduce harmful teeth grinding
  • Look forward to your day instead of dreading it
  • Suffer less downtime due to headache pain

To explore possible solutions for your headaches, call our dentist office today at 740-214-1301.

Relax Your Jaw With a Custom Splint, Medication, or Bite Correction

Your two TMJs connect your jaw to your skull. Several dental problems can cause or contribute to headaches, including teeth grinding or an uneven or misaligned bite. Dr. Hawkins can suggest solutions that may help, including:

  • Custom Splint – A custom-made splint may alleviate migraine pain by keeping you from grinding your teeth and gently moving your jaw into a comfortable position that takes pressure off your TMJ. Dr. Hawkins will take careful measurements so the splint fits you perfectly. An ill-fitting splint, like one you buy at a drugstore, can actually worsen the problem.
  • Botox® – Dr. Hawkins can also use this FDA-approved medication for treatment of migraines. It will relax your jaw muscles and may also relax other facial muscles that cause headache pain. Studies have shown that some headache sufferers experience reduced frequency and severity using Botox.
  • Bite Correction – Dr. Hawkins will also examine you to determine if issues with a misaligned bite could be contributing to headache pain. If so, he can suggest solutions to improve your bite, including orthodontics or dental crowns. In addition to helping your headache, you’ll be able to chew more easily with a well-aligned bite.

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