Repair Cavities With Tooth Fillings in Zanesville

Little problems are easier to fix than big ones. The same is true for cavities. Dr. Charles Hawkins uses Zanesville tooth fillings to stop dental decay when it’s only a little problem. He uses the latest technology during your family’s dental exams so he can identify cavities in their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat with fillings. The technology includes:

  • Digital X-rays – Dr. Hawkins can enlarge or sharpen images or tweak the brightness and contrast to more easily see cavities, even small ones. Digital X-rays also emit less radiation than traditional X-rays, and your appointments won’t last as long because there’s no waiting while we develop film.
  • DIAGNOdent – Using this device, Dr. Hawkins can see the interior of your teeth. Its laser fluorescence helps him find cracks and lesions that can indicate cavities. If Dr. Hawkins finds any cavities during your dental exam, he’ll take care of the problem with fillings.

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301 to schedule your next checkup or to request an emergency appointment if your cavity is causing pain.

Tooth-Colored Composite Is Better for Your Teeth

If decay is not treated and gets into the soft center of your tooth, it can cause a painful infection and endanger the tooth. We offer restorative dentistry services that could help you with this dental issue. However, it’s better to treat cavities while they’re still small. Dr. Hawkins uses tooth-colored composite fillings. Their advantages:

  • He can match the color to your teeth. No more gray spots in your smile!
  • He won’t have to remove as much healthy tooth structure for a composite filling.
  • Composite fillings can be used in areas where other materials aren’t an option, like the front surfaces or edges of your teeth.

If decay is too severe for a cavity to fix, he can repair your tooth with a same-day dental crown. Whatever the repair, you can rest easy knowing that your dental work is guaranteed for the next five years. As long as you visit our office regularly for cleanings, we will be sure your work stays in excellent shape.

Think you might have a cavity? Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301 to find out more about Zanesville tooth fillings. As with any of our procedures, you can relax in one of our massage chairs while Dr. Hawkins works. Plus, dental sedation is available if you need it.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

What does a tooth filling do?

A dental filling repairs damage caused by tooth decay so that it doesn’t do further harm to your tooth, your oral function, or your oral health. Most of the time, your dentist will catch tooth decay at your routine hygiene appointments before it has had enough time to cause too much damage. We remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then strengthen and preserve the tooth with a composite filling to keep a larger cavity from forming.

What are tooth fillings made of?

Our tooth fillings are a composite resin that is not only easier on your teeth than standard metal fillings, but it allows us to preserve more of the healthy structure of the tooth as well. There is also a cosmetic benefit to composite fillings because they seamlessly blend in with the natural color of your teeth so you won’t see any dark spots in your mouth when you smile, speak, and laugh.

Can tooth fillings fall out?

Generally, you can expect a tooth filling to last many, many years. But that doesn’t mean they never fall out or become damaged. An accident, injury, or even biting down on something hard just the wrong way can all damage a tooth filling, but it’s not that common. Our composite fillings are strong and durable, but to give you more confidence about the longevity of your restorative care, we also guarantee our work for five years.

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