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Same-Day Smile

Eat & Smile Immediately

  • Receive implants & teeth with one treatment
  • Trust in our advanced training & expertise
  • Relax during your procedure with dental sedation

Show Off Your New Teeth Sooner With a Same-Day Smile in Zanesville

You want to replace your teeth as soon as possible, so you can speak, smile, and eat as before. With a Zanesville same-day smile, we can place implants and load them with your replacement teeth in a single appointment. This same-day procedure allows you to:

  • Walk out wearing your beautiful new smile
  • Eat and enjoy all your favorite foods right away
  • Immediately boost your confidence
  • Look younger and more vibrant

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301 for a free consultation. Our office is located near Eaglesticks Golf Club.

Trust an Experienced Dentist to Place Your Mini Dental Implants

Your implant care is in good hands with Dr. Hawkins. He is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He also completed courses at the Midwest Implant Institute and the Misch Implant Institute. You can trust his expert care for your same-day smile treatment.

Dr. Hawkins will carefully place mini dental implants to give you a same-day smile. These implants are about half the size of full-size implants and will support your new teeth. Here is what you can expect from the procedure:

  • Dr. Hawkins uses his advanced training and dental technology, like digital X-rays, to identify and place the implants in the optimal locations.
  • He’ll then attach a full arch of replacement teeth to your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both.
  • You’ll enjoy all the benefits of dental implants, but in a dramatically shorter time frame. Your replacement teeth will feel, look, and function a lot like your own teeth!

Mini dental implants are less invasive than full-size implants. You’ll likely only need local anesthesia to stay comfortable during your placement procedure. If you’re nervous, however, you can receive dental sedation. You can choose from several types of sedation, all of which offer different levels of relaxation.

You can also relax knowing that you have a five-year dental work guarantee. All you need to do to qualify is visit our office for regular dental cleanings.

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301 to schedule your free consultation. You can enjoy eating and smiling again with a same-day smile in Zanesville, OH.

Common Questions About Our Same-Day Smile
What is a same-day smile?

A same-day smile procedure is an innovative approach we can use to restore your smile in just one visit. During your same-day smile treatment, we will extract any remaining teeth you have, insert the required number of implants, and secure a set of temporary teeth to them. Patients love this procedure because it allows them to never be without their teeth again

How much does a same-day smile cost?

The total cost for your same-day smile will ultimately be determined by the condition of your mouth, how many dental implants you need, and the type of replacement teeth you choose. To make your treatment more accessible, we do accept a variety of dental insurance plans, plus we have third-party financing options available through CareCredit and LendingClub.

Does insurance cover a same-day smile?

Your same-day smile treatment may be covered in part by your insurance plan, so we recommend you check it to see what is covered. In addition, we’ll gladly work with your insurance to maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. We want you to be able to get the help you need for your smile.