Rebuild Your Bite With Zanesville Restorative Dentistry

Skipping your favorite foods takes all the pleasure out of eating. That’s often exactly what happens, though, when damaged or missing teeth make it tough for you to chew. Fortunately, restorative dentistry in Zanesville can give you:

  • A strong bite so you can eat what you want
  • A wider variety of dishes to choose from when you eat out
  • A younger, more attractive look
  • Clearer speech to help you avoid embarrassment

Dental restorations like dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures – either on their own or with dental implants – will return your normal oral function. Plus, if you keep your routine appointments, we will guarantee your dental work for five years!

If you’re tired of missing out on favorite foods, call Hawkins Complete Dental Service today at 740-214-1301. Sedation is available if you’re nervous about your procedure.

Solve Your Dental Problems With Restorative Dental Care

No matter what kind of dental damage you have, there’s a procedure here to fix it. Dr. Hawkins use restorative treatment to:

  • Repair Cavities – If you develop a cavity, Dr. Hawkins will remove the dental decay and use a tooth-colored filling to repair your tooth and protect it from further damage.
  • Mend Broken or Cracked Teeth –  A dental crown, which covers your whole tooth, fixes a broken or cracked tooth or decay that’s too extensive for a filling. Using our CEREC technology, Dr. Hawkins can make a crown for you in our office instead of sending the work to an outside lab. You’ll get your crown in a single day instead of waiting days or even weeks.
  • Replace Missing Teeth – If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you can choose from a dental bridge or dentures, either on their own or attached to dental implants. Dr. Hawkins can also replace a single missing tooth with an implant-secured dental crown.

For restorative dentistry in Zanesville, call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301. Our office is at 2560 Maysville Pike, near Eaglesticks Golf Club and the Muskingum County South Branch Library.