The Two-For-One Deal With Dental Crowns [BLOG]

Not every dental treatment falls neatly into one category. Sometimes, there’s some overlap in regard to a treatment’s restorative or cosmetic benefits.

Dental crowns are one such versatile solution we offer at Hawkins Complete Dental Service!

With dental crowns these days, it’s as if you’re getting a two-for-one deal, a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile!

The Two-For-One Deal With Dental Crowns

When you need a dental crown in Zanesville, OH, you’ll be happy to know that they look, feel, and function just like real teeth!

*Crowns Repair & Replace Damaged Or Lost Teeth*

Not all cavities can be treated with a standard filling.

Sometimes they’re too large and need a dental crown to restore a tooth that’s been too far decayed.

After the decayed portion has been removed, the tooth is covered and protected with a crown so the tooth is once again strong and functional.

The same is true for teeth that have been damaged, diseased, or infected, given that these are issues we’re able to catch early enough to save the tooth.

If it can’t be saved, or if a tooth falls out, dental crowns can also be relied on as a replacement!

Using dental bridges or dental implants, a natural-looking dental crown serves as your new tooth and allows you to resume life as usual, eat everything you did before, all without causing so much as a blip in the radar of your smile!

*Crowns Restore Your Smile’s Beauty*

When tooth enamel becomes worn over the years, it changes the shape of your teeth and, thus, the appearance of your smile. It happens from teeth grinding, from chewing on ice, pens, and pencils, and it happens from normal wear and tear.

You could also have deep discoloration that teeth whitening won’t fix. This isn’t uncommon for teeth that’ve been traumatized or damaged in some way.

Dental crowns can hide these unsightly problems so your teeth look like they once did, strong, flawless, and white.

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With modern dental crowns, you’ll never have to worry about fixing one problem only to create another one. You can restore an unhealthy mouth and an unsightly smile all at once because our dental crowns are made to mimic the function and look of natural teeth in a more lifelike way than ever before.

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