Teeth-Friendly Tips For A Healthy Easter Smile [BLOG]

Easter is here, and our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service has some helpful tips for you and your family to keep your smile safe throughout the holiday celebrations!

The Epic Battle Between The Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy

It’s a tale as old as time.

Just like the war of good versus evil and the hero’s journey.

It’s the epic battle that wages on every year between the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy!

You want to welcome that happy bunny into your home to leave sweet little treats in the all the kids’ baskets, but the tooth fairy within you lingers, reminding you with whispered admonishments about what all that candy might do to your teeth!

Well, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic.

But just like most holidays, there are certain ways Easter can be tough on your teeth.

Here are a few reasons for that:

*Loads Of Sugar*

You’ll find lots of sugar in foods and drinks, and of course, in all the Easter candy. What you’ve known since childhood is that sugar causes cavities. But do you know exactly how?

It has to do with the bacteria in your mouth. It’s favorite treat happens to be all the sugar left behind in tiny food particles after you eat and drink.

The bad bacteria is strengthened by this steady diet, which creates acid that attacks your tooth enamel.

*Beer & Mixed Drinks*

Alcohol often contains hidden sugars, and even dark colors that stain your teeth.

But it can also lead to dehydration if you drink too much of it, which slows your saliva production, something your enamel depends on for protection.


Citrus fruits and certain drinks, like soda and iced tea, are highly acidic, which threatens the strength of your tooth enamel and can leave you vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

Teeth-Friendly Tips For A Healthy Easter Smile

We want everyone in your household to have a great Easter celebration with family and friends. Naturally, that will include some special occasion indulgences that could harm your teeth.

Fortunately, they don’t have to because you’ll have these teeth-friendly tips in mind!

*Fill The Easter Basket With Other Goodies*

There’s no rule book that says you must fill the Easter baskets in your house strictly with candy. You can entertain the kids with all kinds of fun toys and activities that won’t do any damage to their healthy smile whatsoever!

Maybe throw in some handheld games like yo-yo’s, jacks, or playing cards. You could also include coloring books or crafts for them to enjoy.

*Stay Away From Sticky, Teeth-Staining Treats*

Believe it or not, it’s not just the sugar content that makes candy such a threat to your smile. It’s also the other ingredients and substances in candy that hurt your teeth.

For example, really bright pigments in certain sweet treats can leave behind stubborn stains on your teeth. It’s not just in the moment, either. We’re talking about the kind of stains on and between teeth that build up over time only professional teeth whitening can remove.

You should also stay away from sticky taffy, caramel, and toffee, all the kind of substances that are hard to clean completely from the inside of your mouth.

*Don’t Leave The Candy Out*

When it comes to making healthy food choices, you know one of the fastest ways to derail your diet is to have any tempting snacks and treats anywhere in your kitchen. That’s why one of the first things you do when you start a diet is to throw out all the junk food.

The same holds true for candy, in this case, the Easter basket.

It’s not the kind of thing you want sitting on the kitchen table or countertop for the next few weeks. Walking by it several times a day makes it too easy to graze on pieces of candy all day long.

Moderation is the healthier option for your teeth, so keep the candy basket out of sight and just have one or two pieces sparingly.

*Beware Of Certain Beverages*

Water is your best beverage choice year round, no matter the season or special occasion.

That’s because so many other options are filled with added sugar, dark colors, and lots of acids that can all hurt and stain your teeth.

Unfortunately, that would include alcohol, soft drinks (yes, even diet), and tea. You don’t have to avoid these drinks altogether, but limiting them will protect your teeth.

*Rely On Water Between Brushing & Flossing*

Next to Thanksgiving, no other holiday sees us gathering with family around the dinner table like Easter Sunday.

And isn’t food one of the best parts about any holiday celebration?

Easter has its own staples on the buffet table like creamy casseroles, cold pasta and potato salad, fried chicken and ham, and of course, delicious desserts.

Go on and splurge, but then make sure to keep your mouth clean until it’s time to brush and floss by rinsing your mouth with some water. This will help clear away any leftovers stuck between your teeth!

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