Regain Your Healthy Smile This Spring With Restorative Dentistry! [BLOG]

Dental problems can develop because of accidents and injuries, genetics, poor oral hygiene, and even fear of the dentist.

But regardless of what has led to your poor dental health, improving it is completely within your hands.

All it takes is for you to decide that you don’t want to live with an unhealthy smile anymore.

That you don’t want to always been in pain.

That you don’t want to have to keep passing up your favorite foods.

That you don’t want to feel the stress or shame about the way your teeth look.

Then you just have to choose the right dentist who can provide all the comfort, compassion, and restorative dentistry you need to face your dental problems and get your smile back!

That dentist is Dr. Hawkins at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH

Regain Oral Function & Confidence!

Restorative dentistry is necessary to keep your mouth healthy when you’re faced with problems like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, dental damage, and missing teeth.

Without treatment, these types of issues will only worsen, leaving you with much bigger problems than dental pain or loss of oral function.

But there’s also a cosmetic benefit to restorative dentistry.

After we’ve treated the underlying dental problem, we make sure your smile is restored in a way that looks bright, beautiful, and healthy again.

Here are a few of the ways we can do that in Zanesville, OH:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – We rely on the advanced DIAGNOdent cavity detector to look for signs of tooth decay and cavities, and then we use a composite material to treat those issues in a way that won’t disturb your smile’s appearance.
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges – Our CEREC technology allows us to design and place permanent restorations like crowns and bridges in a single visit. That way you can repair cracked, discolored, or broken teeth, and even replace missing teeth, right away!
  • Advanced Dental Implant Solutions – Whether you’re missing one tooth, several, or an entire arch, we can anchor your replacement teeth to traditional or mini dental implants for a stronger bite and more lasting oral and overall health!

This only scratches the surface of what Dr. Hawkins and our team can do to restore the look and function of your damaged or missing teeth. We’ll design a customized treatment plan to suit your dental needs so you walk out of our office with a healthy, confident smile!

Restore Your Smile Now!

Eating shouldn’t be painful.

And smiling shouldn’t be stressful.

This spring, make the decision to put your health and happiness first and get restorative dentistry with Dr. Hawkins in Zanesville, OH.

He and our team will combine skill, experience, and technology to fix your dental problems so you can eat and smile with comfort and confidence again!

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH today at 740-214-1301 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.