How To Enjoy An Easier Recovery After Oral Surgery [BLOG]

The best oral surgery scenario is not needing it in the first place!

But life is unpredictable, which means you might need oral surgery at some point in order to keep your mouth healthy and your smile intact.

That’s why you should trust our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH!

We have a skilled, caring team who can perform your oral surgery with the latest technology and even dental sedation so your procedure is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Reasons You Might Need Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is sometimes a necessary step in keeping your mouth healthy. Here are a couple of reasons you might find yourself in need of an oral surgical procedure:

*You need a bone graft to prepare your jawbone for dental implants.

*It’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

*You need a tooth extracted because it’s been too damaged by infection, injury, or decay.

When you do need oral surgery, you’re in great hands with Dr. Hawkins and our team in Zanesville, OH!

How To Enjoy An Easier Recovery After Oral Surgery

When you schedule your oral surgery with Dr. Hawkins, there are some ways you can prepare ahead of time for an easier recovery at home.

*Understanding Your Pre-Op Instructions*

You’ll likely have some pre-op instructions from Dr. Hawkins, so make sure you read them well in advance. You may need some clarification about something or have questions and will want plenty of time to get the information you need in time to prepare for surgery. If not, you risk having to reschedule your appointment for another time.

*Stocking Your Kitchen*

When you’re able to start eating in the hours after your procedure, you’ll want to make sure your food is soft and bland. You won’t be ready for food that’s spicy, chewy, or hard.

Stock your kitchen pantry and refrigerator with yogurt, pudding, instant mashed potatoes, or broth so you can get the nutrition you need for faster recovery.

You should also put some cold packs in the freezer in case you need something to reduce any swelling or tenderness.

*Preventing Post-Op Boredom*

To prevent boredom while you’re recovering, make sure to set up a comfortable area on your bed or couch with easily accessible forms of entertainment.

Books, movies, electronics, and crossword puzzles should be placed within reach so you don’t get too stir crazy or have to move around unnecessarily.

*Dressing For The Procedure*

Now that you have all other preparations in place, it’s time to choose what clothes to wear the day of your procedure.

You definitely want to be dressed as comfortably as possible, but be careful to avoid clothes that are too big and baggy. This could create unnecessary snags when the staff are working on you and have to move about easily and safely. For the same reason, you should leave any jewelry at home.

Arrive without make-up, as well, so it doesn’t rub off on any materials or on the clothes of our staff during the procedure.

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Dr. Hawkins and our team are highly-trained and experienced. We’ll make sure you’re well-taken care of, both before and after your oral surgery so you have a positive experience, smoother recovery, and keep that healthy smile!

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