How To Avoid Denture Danger! [BLOG]

Even if many or all of your teeth aren’t your natural ones doesn’t make keeping them clean any less important to your oral and overall health.

That’s why when you come to Hawkins Complete Dental Service for quality dentures, we make sure you understand all you need to know about how to properly maintain them. We also monitor the fit, feel, and function of your dentures so you’re able to get the most from your replacement teeth.

It’s with that in mind that we bring you today’s blog about some potential health risks you could face with removable dentures that aren’t thoroughly cleaned each day. We’ll also share how securing your dentures with dental implants may make it easier for you to keep your mouth clean and avoid these risks!

Can Dentures Be Dangerous To Your Health?

Traditional dentures on their own are not dangerous.

The reason we pose this question is really to shed light on some of the potential health dangers if your removable dentures aren’t fitted or cared for properly.

It makes sense, actually, that standard dentures would pose certain risks to your health.

For one thing, you’re talking about something that stays in your mouth for most of the day, and if it’s not cleaned thoroughly, you could increase your risk for infection. In fact, respiratory infections in particular seem to be the most problematic for denture wearers.

It all comes down to bacteria and how well you’re able to manage the bad strains that might be resting on your dentures if they’re not kept clean according to your dentist’s instructions.

How To Avoid Denture Danger

There are two important secrets to avoiding the health risks of dentures.

First, you make sure they’re of the highest quality, like the dentures you get at Hawkins Complete Dental Service.

Second, you follow the proper daily oral hygiene instructions that are specific to your type of dentures, whether they’re fixed with dental implants or removable.

For standard removable dentures, that might include:

*Using the right tools and products to scrub your dentures clean daily

*Rinsing your mouth and your dentures after meals

*Soaking your dentures nightly

*Cleaning your gums well each day

However, if you’re more interested in replacement teeth that are a bit easier to maintain, you should explore our options in implant dentures!

We can use dental implants to fix your dentures so you can care for your teeth as you normally would, avoid the same kind of infection and illness risks you get with traditional dentures, and enjoy a more balanced, varied diet with no embarrassing slips or messy adhesives!

Ask about how we can use dental implants to keep your dentures firmly in place during your next visit!

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