Get Your Smile Back With Strong, Beautiful Dentures [BLOG]

It doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone, but many times, people will start to lose their teeth as they get older.

We can replace a tooth easily with a dental crown and bridge, or even an implant, but those aren’t the best option for people who’ve lost several or all of their teeth.

But there is good news!

At Hawkins Complete Dental Service, we can replace all of your teeth with our various dentures options so you can get your smile back!

You Deserve A Healthy, Strong, Beautiful Smile!

In the hands of the right dentist, you can bounce back from tooth loss and have a healthy, strong, beautiful smile again.

You can lose your adult teeth for a number of reasons, such as:

*Accidents – Biting down on your food the wrong way or suffering an oral injury can loosen, break, or knock out your teeth, which means tooth loss is something you could face at any age or stage of your life.

*Periodontal disease – Maybe you’ve stayed away from the dentist because you have fear and anxiety about treatment. This is very common, but it’s also one of the reasons people develop gum disease that robs their health and their smiles.

*Oral infection – When bacteria get inside your teeth, you can develop an infection that, if untreated for long enough, can weaken to the point that it needs to be extracted.

There are more reasons people struggle with tooth loss, but these are just a few of the more common causes.

Get The Dentures That Will Work For You!

Don’t assume that all dentures are the same. Dr. Hawkins and our team believe you deserve options.

After all, one size does not fit all, so we do all we can to give you the kind of dentures that will help you live the life you want and that will make you feel great about the way you look!

Here are a few of your dentures options at Hawkins Complete Dental Service:

*Complete Your Smile With Partial Dentures*

Dental bridges are a great option if you’ve lost more than one of your teeth, but they’re not necessarily ideal if you’ve lost several teeth.

This is especially true if you’ve lost a few adjoining teeth, which is why we often recommend partial dentures to our Zanesville, OH dental patients.

We can make them removable or secure them down so that only Dr. Hawkins can take them out.

*Replace All Your Teeth With Full Dentures*

Losing most or all of your teeth can be devastating.

But there are ways to replace even a complete set of teeth with full dentures at Hawkins Complete Dental Service.

In our Zanesville, OH dental office, we can artfully design a set of replacement teeth so your dentures look beautifully natural and fit you comfortably so you can feel confident about your smile.

*Secure Your Replacement Teeth With Dental Implants*

While traditional dentures work for many people, they do come with certain limitations that aren’t ideal for some.

You might be concerned about possible embarrassing slips of your dentures while interacting with others or eating certain foods at your neighborhood barbecue.

By securing your replacement teeth with a few dental implants, you won’t have to worry about awkward moments like that.

That’s because dental implants are placed inside your jaw to replace the tooth root you once had. It will fuse with your jawbone and encourage continued bone strength and growth. This is why implants are such a popular choice for tooth loss sufferers. They give you nearly the same bite power as natural teeth and can anchor your dentures for the kind of security and strength you want!

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You deserve health and happiness, no matter your struggles with poor oral health and tooth loss.

That’s why Dr. Hawkins and our team do all we can to help patients just like you get their smiles back. We want you to eat well, live well, and love your smile!

Let’s help you find out which of our dentures options will work best for you in our Zanesville, OH dental office this summer.

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