This time of year is a refreshing change from the dull, dreary weather and lonesome captivity of winter.

We’re out and about, watching baseball games, attending weddings, baby showers, or just getting outside with family and friends to enjoy moving and playing around in the fresh air.

Get A Sparkling Smile This Spring!

Even if, however, you don’t really have any major plans to socialize this spring beyond your usual trips to the grocery store, you still want a healthy, sparkling smile to bring with you anywhere at a moment’s notice!

That’s why you should visit Hawkins Complete Dental Service for teeth whitening treatment in Zanesville, OH!

*Benefits Of Teeth Whitening Treatment*

One of the first ways you can benefit from professional teeth whitening happens even before the treatment begins!

That’s because we always check to make sure your mouth is healthy before performing any cosmetic dentistry service. It does you no good to whiten teeth that are decayed, damaged, or infected!

So once you’ve been given the all clear for teeth whitening, you know you’re doing so with a healthy smile!

Then, you benefit from the treatment itself. Our professional iSmile whitening system is fast and convenient, using special gel and a light that activates its power. You’re getting a thorough, complete application that won’t come in contact with your sensitive gum tissues at the hands of our skilled dentist, Dr. Hawkins.

In just one visit, you have dramatic results and can show off a sparkling white smile at all your special spring events.

*Customize Your Whitening Treatment*

Everyone can benefit from teeth whitening treatment, which is why you could walk into any dentist office and request that cosmetic service.

But every practice is different, relying on a wide range of whitening systems and methods. Certainly, anything you get from a dentist will be far superior to DIY kits you would find in stores. Yet, you may not be able to find a treatment that’s most suitable to your situation, your schedule, or your budget.

Some professional systems whiten your teeth over time with customized trays and gels. That may be fine for some patients, but what if you didn’t have all that time to brighten your smile? Important events and special occasions can easily sneak up on you, so if you need a faster option that’s safe and strong, you may not have one available.

That’s why you’ll love teeth whitening treatment at Hawkins Complete Dental Service!

We can use iSmile gel and a special light to activate the whitening agents and dramatically lighten the shade of your teeth in one quick in-office session.

But in addition to that, you can enjoy easy maintenance with our convenient take-home kit for routine touch-ups!

Schedule Your Treatment!

Your time, money, and your smile are all too valuable to waste on ineffective, unsafe teeth whitening methods!

The best way to ensure results and safe application of a truly powerful whitening system in Zanesville, OH is at the hands of our experienced dentist, Dr. Hawkins!

He and our team can provide fast-acting, advanced teeth whitening treatment here in our office, and even send you home with your very own customized kit to maintain your brighter smile all season long!

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH today at 740-214-1301 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your teeth whitening treatment!