Fix A Scary Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

You’ve put off responding to that Halloween party invitation because you just can’t muster the courage to face a see of awkward looks or judgmental stares because of your teeth.

Even if you don’t have a party lined up to celebrate the season, you understand the shame that comes with unsightly dental problems and how it affects your ability to socialize comfortably.

Instead of running out to the nearest costume store looking for fake fangs or a full face mask to hide your scary smile problems, consider cosmetic dentistry in Zanesville, OH that will dress up your smile for many seasons to come!

Fix A Scary Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Here are some of your cosmetic and restorative treatment options at Hawkins Complete Dental Service that can improve your smile:

*Bring Back Your Pearly Whites*

We’re all susceptible to teeth stains, but this common aesthetic problem has an easy solution.

A dingy smile is enough to zap your confidence, especially during this time of year when you have so many social engagements where you want to look your best.

You can bring back your pearly whites with teeth whitening treatment in Zanesville, OH! Our professional whitening system can lift stubborn teeth stains quickly and safely so you’re ready to shine at your next fall party!

*Spruce Things Up With Tooth Bonding*

Surprisingly, multiple dental problems that make you feel insecure about your smile don’t always require a long series of complicated treatments.

Tooth bonding is an affordable, non-invasive solution for fixing surface imperfections, worn or misshapen teeth, and even small gaps in your smile. A tooth-colored resin is used to fill in problems areas, and then it’s sculpted, dried, and polished to spruce up your smile overall, like a mini-makeover!

*Don’t Overlook Cosmetic Crowns*

Because we invest in the latest technology at Hawkins Complete Dental Service, we’re able to repair an unsightly, damaged tooth in a single visit with our CEREC same-day dental crowns.

People often are quick to overlook the cosmetic value of modern crowns because they’ve been primarily used for restorative reasons.

But the cosmetic benefits of our dental crowns can help you recapture the beauty of your smile before you ran into the problems that affected your teeth to begin with.

*Replace Missing Teeth With Implants & Crowns*

Dental implants and restorations give tooth loss patients not only their smiles back, but importantly, their strong bite back.

This allows you to smile with confidence and eat healthy, delicious food with confidence, too.

Placed inside your jawbone before the replacement tooth is attached will promote new bone growth, a healthier mouth and body, and a beautiful, natural-looking smile for a lifetime!

*Get Straight Teeth With Invisalign*

Whether you wore braces once upon a time or not, you might notice as the years go by that your teeth will move. Outside of complicated problems with your bite alignment, you can correct the position of your teeth and close small gaps without standard braces.

We offer Invisalign in Zanesville, OH so adults like you can get straight teeth in a less conspicuous way, using clear plastic aligners for roughly a year instead of metal brackets and wires!

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While calling a smile “scary” is merely a play on the Halloween season, we understand how stressful it can be to have the kind of smile problems that you’re constantly trying to hide.

So as you see or hear about people excitedly making the last minute adjustments to their costumes, think about how you might dress up your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Not just for this season, but for every season here on out!

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