Feel Energized This Spring With Sleep Apnea Treatment! [BLOG]

Everyone goes through those periods of restless sleep.

College students cramming for finals may go a week living on caffeine and little-to-no sleep.

Parents welcoming a new baby into their lives know all too well the effects of sleep deprivation.

Even in times of situational stress, we can go one or several nights without much sleep.

But those are just temporary interruptions to your nightly rest.

Eventually, people are able to resume a healthier, more peaceful sleep pattern without suffering any long-term effects.

Sleep apnea sufferers, however, are dealing with a sustained period of time without enough rest.

And you can only go so long this way before it starts to affect your mood, concentration, and health.

The reason it lasts so long is because it has to do with your breathing night after night, something that’s not determined by a new baby or a stressful situation at work or home.

Instead, something is causing your airways to become blocked, and you stop breathing in short repeated episodes throughout the night.

You may not remember these episodes at all, but your loud snoring, daily fatigue, high blood pressure, and weight gain can all tell the story of your sleep disorder.

To get the rest you need, and to protect your health from an elevated risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and more, you need help from your Zanesville, OH dentist!

Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Restore Your Energy!

A dentist is probably the last person you’d imagine could help you get better sleep.

But Dr. Hawkins is more than just a dentist!

He’s a Diplomate for the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, licensed and certified to treat sleep disorders related to breathing problems.

With his vast training and experience, Dr. Hawkins will team up with a local physician to arrange your sleep study that will determine a diagnosis.

If treatment is needed, we can custom design an oral appliance that fits like a mouthguard while you sleep. It keeps your jaw in the proper position for consistent, easy breathing all night long so you can get the rest you so desperately need!

Many sleep apnea sufferers find an oral appliance to be much more successful in treating this disorder than a CPAP machine. That’s because you don’t have to plug anything in, wear an uncomfortable mask over your nose and mouth, or worry about keeping it clean to reduce the risk for respiratory infections.

Let Us Help You Sleep Again!

The time for hibernation is over!

Spring is here and you need energy, as well as good health, to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sleep apnea treatment with Dr. Hawkins in Zanesville, OH can help!

But only if you give us a call! You can reach Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301 or online to schedule your appointment.