Drinks That Can Hurt Your Family’s Teeth [BLOG]

It’s almost time to get outside and start enjoying the warmer weather and all the delights of summer!

Our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH wants to make sure your family’s smiles are safe and healthy through it all!

Protect Your Family’s Teeth This Summer!

Summer can put your smile at risk in several ways. That’s due to a few common lifestyle characteristics we’re all familiar with during the summer months, such as:

-Sports activities that can increase your risk for injuries and dehydration

-Swimming that can allow acidic chlorine to seep into your mouth and hurt your teeth

-Busy schedules that can distract you from your daily oral hygiene habits

-Vacations where you might indulge in more sugary treats that can harm your teeth

We can help you protect your family’s smiles at Hawkins Complete Dental Service with routine dental cleanings and exams, athletic mouthguards, and other various dental treatments to keep your teeth safe.

Drinks That Could Hurt Your Family’s Teeth

Sugar and acids are two harmful ingredients you’ll find in many drinks that, while tasty, aren’t good for your teeth.

That’s because acid will erode your tooth enamel, leaving your mouth more vulnerable to bacteria and infections, and excess sugar feeds harmful bacteria in your mouth that causes decay and cavities.

Here are some drinks you’ll want to consume in moderation, if at all:

*Tea & Coffee*

Two of the most notoriously unfriendly drinks for your teeth are coffee and tea.

Even if you pass on the sugar and creamer, you’re consuming dark pigments in these drinks that leave behind stubborn stains. There’s also the acidity level to think about with coffee and tea, which causes harmful erosion of your tooth enamel.

*Fruit Juice*

You think you’re making a healthy choice when you opt for fruit juice, but that’s not the case.

Even the ‘natural’ juices will likely contain lots of added sugar that will stick to your teeth and give bad bacteria plenty of fuel. Also, you risk damage to your tooth enamel due to the high acidity in many fruit juices.

If you want vitamins and nutrients, grab a piece of fruit instead of a juice box!

*Soft Drinks*

This goes for diet and regular soft drinks.

The sugar in regular sodas is enough to cause tooth decay and cavities, for one thing.

Both are also very acidic, and that’s the worst thing you can do to your enamel.

Acids leave tiny holes and damage on your teeth’s surfaces, which leave you vulnerable to bacteria and stained teeth.

*Energy & Sports Drinks*

We know how tempting it is to fall for the promises advertisers make about energy and sports drinks. You’re told they’ll keep you and your family well-hydrated, especially during the hot summer months and sports activities.

But the fact is they aren’t good for your teeth. In most cases, you’ll find lots of added sugar, not to mention they’re highly acidic drinks that attack your tooth enamel and can even stain your teeth.

To fuel your body properly during the summer, and all year round actually, your best choice is water!

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