Answering Your Mini Dental Implant Questions [BLOG]

The strength of your jaw is an important consideration when we evaluate you for dental implants. Jaw strength is important because we embed dental implants into your jaw. That placement is what makes them such a stable foundation for restorations like dentures or dental crowns.

Still, even if you lack enough bone density in your jaw, that doesn’t rule you out as a candidate for dental implants. Zanesville, OH dentist Dr. Charles Hawkins can perform a bone graft, a procedure that aims to spur new bone growth to strengthen your jaw.

You may be reluctant, though, to get this surgical procedure as it will add time and cost to the process of getting dental implants. And with surgery, there is always a risk – albeit slight – of infection or other complications.

Mini dental implants are often a good alternative to full-size dental implants. We offer free mini dental implant consultations, which are a good opportunity to meet with Dr. Hawkins so he can answer all of your mini dental implant questions. Call 740-214-1301 to schedule your consultation. In the meantime, though, we’ll answer some mini dental implant questions here.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

The most basic of mini dental implant questions: What are they? Like full-size dental implants, mini dental implants are small titanium rods we place in your jaw. We attach dental restorations like a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures to them. They function like a tooth root, keeping your replacement teeth in place and also stimulating your jawbone, which helps keep it strong. Because they’re about half the size of larger implants, they can work in certain situations where full-size implants aren’t feasible.

Why Would I Get Them?

There are a number of situations where we might suggest mini dental implants as an alternative to full-size implants:

  • They fit better in areas of your mouth where space is tight.
  • They’re a good choice for replacing small teeth or premolars.
  • They work well in the front of your mouth, where there won’t be a lot of chewing force on replacement teeth.
  • Since the procedure to place them is less invasive, they can be a good choice for an older person or a person with a medical condition that slows healing.

What Are Their Benefits?

Mini dental implants offer lots of benefits. Because of their smaller size, the healing process after placement is usually quicker. And with less impact on your bone and tissue, discomfort will be minimal. You can often receive your mini dental implants and your dental restorations in a single procedure. Dr. Hawkins can typically replace a single tooth in about 30 minutes or multiple teeth in about a hour. In contrast, a traditional dental implant placement can take months to heal after we place it in your jaw.

Thanks in part to the less involved placement procedure, mini dental implants cost less than full-sized implants. And you can enjoy savings of up to 10 percent on mini dental implant services in our Zanesville, OH dentist office during our annual Mini Dental Implant Day. Ask us when the next one is scheduled, so you can put it on your calendar!

Any Reasons I Can’t Get Mini Dental Implants?

Because mini dental implants haven’t been in widespread use as long as their full-size counterparts, we don’t know as much about their long-term success rate. That said, our patients have had great success with them!

However, we might not recommend mini dental implants for areas of your mouth where you put a lot of pressure on your teeth when chewing. And we can’t place them in areas where you lack enough vertical bone.

How Should I Choose a Dentist for Implants?

Of all the mini dental implant questions, perhaps the most important is how you pick a dentist to perform your placement procedure. Since the implants are smaller, they require precise placement to stay in place – especially if you’re getting a bridge or similar restoration. So experience is important.

Dr. Hawkins, a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, has received advanced training from the Midwest Implant Institute and Misch International Implant Institute (he’s among very few dentists who’ve achieved fellowship status with both organizations). He’s performed many mini dental implant procedures in our Zanesville, OH dentist office. You can check out some of our videos to hear about their experiences.

If you have any further mini dental implant questions or want to schedule a free consultation, call Hawkins Complete Dental Service at 740-214-1301.