9 Ways To Celebrate World Oral Health Day [BLOG]

World Oral Health Day is only four days away. Our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service wants to make sure you don’t run out of reasons to enjoy great oral health !

9 Ways To Celebrate World Oral Health Day

We’ll be celebrating World Oral Health Day by doing what we do best, and that’s treating the great residents of Zanesville, OH! Whether we’re cleaning, repairing, or beautifying teeth, all our efforts are with the primary goal of keeping our patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful.

While we wait to see you at your next dental appointment, here are some ways you can celebrate better dental health this year!

*Prevent Tooth Loss*

The leading cause of tooth loss among adults is gum disease, to the surprise of many people. Gum disease is basically an infection, and like all infections, it spreads and worsens if left untreated. Given enough time, the infection breaks down your gums, causing teeth to become loose or to fall out.

It’s not something that you can spot on your own. It requires the skilled eye of a dental professional and advanced technology for early detection and effective treatment.

*Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel*

Enamel defends the delicate insides of your teeth where the nerves and roots are kept. But tooth enamel can only do that with your help.

In other words, you need a diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals that will keep your enamel healthy and strong so it can keep protecting you from acid erosion, decay, and gum disease.

*Go Beneath The Surface*

There is a significant portion of your teeth that you will likely never see.

Almost 30% of each one, in fact.

That’s because it’s hiding under your gums. This makes keeping your teeth clean even more challenging. It also points to the importance of daily flossing.

Flossing is the best way to clean food particles and sugary debris from your gumline from every angle so it won’t build up and threaten your dental health.

If you’ve been skipping this oral care step, make now the time you recommit to this crucial daily practice.

*Choose Dental Implants For Better Dental Health*

Sometimes, the best way to preserve your health is through some sort of medical implantation. A broken bone, for example, might require the help of metal screws or rods to keep them strong after a traumatic incident.

The same is true for your teeth. If you’ve lost a tooth or suffered an injury that resulted in extraction, the best way to preserve the health of your mouth is with a dental implant.

Our mini dental implants at Hawkins Complete Dental Service are smaller, less invasive, and more affordable than standard implants, but they provide the same strength and durability so your smile and overall structure remains intact.

*Be On Guard For Your Gums*

Science shows a relationship between the health of your mouth and the health of your body. Much of that is thanks to the wide-ranging research devoted to gum disease in recent years.

While we still have a lot more to learn about why your oral and overall health are connected, we know about enough links to attack the problem of gum disease infection with renewed dedication.

That means daily brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and regular visits to our Zanesville, OH dental office. Only professional hygienists can remove tartar buildup from your teeth, so celebrate World Oral Health Day by calling to schedule a cleaning with one of ours!

*Get A Good Night’s Sleep*

Do you feel like no matter how many hours you spend sleeping each night, you’re never fully rested?

A possible reason might be sleep apnea, a disorder where your airways become blocked while you sleep, or rather, while you’re trying to sleep.

Some sufferers are fully aware of nightly breathing problems because they wake up desperately gasping for air.

Others, however, have no memory of these episodes, so it can make sleep apnea a bit challenging to self-diagnose.

You can look for other common signs of this condition in your daily life, like:

-Morning sore throats

-Daily fatigue

-Problems with memory and concentration

-Weight gain

-Loud snoring

If you suspect sleep apnea is ruining your rest and your health, commit to finding a solution at Hawkins Complete Dental Service! We can help you get the rest you need and stay safe from the dangerous health problems that come with this common sleep disturbance.

*Spare Five Minutes A Day For Your Smile*

Most of us brush our teeth twice a day.

That’s a good dental care practice, but it’s not what the American Dental Association considers the best practice.

In other words, for your best oral hygiene, your daily routine should last about five minutes.

That’s two minutes each time you brush your teeth, and about one minute devoted to daily flossing.

In just five minutes a day, you’re doing something invaluable for your smile.

*Drink More Water*

Drinking plenty of water everyday is essential for a healthy body. But the amount of water you take in also has a direct impact on your oral health, as well.

Without enough water, your saliva production slows significantly. This leaves your teeth and gums rather defenseless.

Your saliva is made up of bacteria-fighting agents that not only counterattack threats inside your mouth, but it also gives your teeth a layer of protection against harmful acids.

So drink up for a healthy smile!

*Remember That You Can Do It*

Above everything else, always remember that you can do it!

Your oral and overall health is something you control, but not by yourself. You have Dr. Hawkins and our team to support your lifetime effort to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful.

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