4 Ways To Prevent Dental Problems & Preserve Your Smile [BLOG]

Your teeth and gums are beautifully designed to withstand all sorts of abuse. But over a lifetime, they can’t do that without your help and care.

They also need a little help from Dr. Hawkins and our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service on a regular basis!

When you make routine trips to our Zanesville, OH dental practice, you’re already giving your teeth and gums an advantage in preventing oral health problems and preserving your beautiful smile!

4 Ways To Prevent Dental Problems & Preserve Your Smile

Outside of unexpected accidents and injuries, dental problems don’t just appear all of a sudden. Most of them take time to develop and advance to the point that you’re able to see or feel the effects.

That’s why you and your dentist work as a team to prevent problems and treat them at the earliest signs so you can preserve your smile.

Here are four specific prevention strategies!

*Daily Brushing*

You might already be doing this, but the rule of thumb, according to the American Dental Association, is to brush twice each day.

But there are more specific best practices to implement. You should make sure you’re using a fluoridated toothpaste and brushing each time for about two minutes.

And don’t think hard bristles and vigorous technique will do you any favors! The ADA suggests scrubbing teeth clean normally using a soft-bristle brush so you don’t do harm to your tooth enamel.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue, too! This will help get rid of even more bad bacteria and help you keep your mouth clean and freshen your breath.

*Daily Flossing & Rinsing*

Unfortunately, a shocking percentage of adults admit to never flossing their teeth. This is supposed to be a daily habit!

It only takes a minute, but it’s so valuable for your smile. Flossing dislodges tiny particles of food and sugar that get wedged between teeth and under the gumline after you eat. If you just let all the junk stay there, bacteria is going to capitalize on it!

Harmful bacteria live for your leftovers, literally! It feasts on the food particles, multiplies inside your mouth and finds all sorts of hiding placing and entryways into the inside of your teeth. This increases the risk for gum disease infection that can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

In addition to flossing, it’s also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water in between your morning and nightly oral care routine. This will minimize the amount of sugary debris in your mouth after your meals and starve the bacteria!

*Keep Up With Professional Dental Appointments*

Depending on your level of gum disease risk, the timing of your dental cleanings and exams will vary.

But in general, you should maintain these appointments in our Zanesville, OH practice about every six months. The reason routine dental check-ups are so important is that we have the skills, technology, and tools to spot problems you can’t see on your own and to remove hardened tartar on your teeth that no amount of brushing and flossing can get rid of.

With these regular deep cleanings and thorough exams, you can prevent dental problems and treat them immediately when they’re spotted so they don’t make bigger problems for you later.

*One More Tip For Good Measure*

Our last tip for preventing dental problems is to take advantage of the various dental services we offer that keep your teeth protected.

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are quick reinforcements you can add during a dental cleaning and exam. These measures give your teeth a seal of protection against tooth decay and help prevent cavities.

You can also get nutritional counseling with Dr. Hawkins to make sure that you’re taking in the kind of bone-building and teeth-strengthening nutrients to keep your mouth healthy.

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Prevention is valuable no matter what aspect of health you’re talking about.

Just as diet, exercise, and plenty of rest help prevent systemic health problems, daily oral care and routine check-ups help prevent problems with your teeth and gums.

Let Hawkins Complete Dental Service help you in that effort!

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