3 Ways Oral Surgery Can Save Your Smile [BLOG]

Don’t settle for an unhealthy mouth!

Trust our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service to provide you with the high-quality treatment you deserve to keep your teeth and gums healthy and attractive! We offer a variety of restorative dental treatments, as well as oral surgery, to keep your healthy smile intact.

3 Ways Oral Surgery Can Save Your Smile!

Dr. Hawkins and our team are proud to offer advanced dental procedures that will give you an advantage in the fight against an unsightly smile and poor oral health.

Here are just three ways oral surgery in our Zanesville, OH practice can save your smile!

*It Can Restore Your Oral Health With Tooth Extraction*

Since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, it’s often the case that one or more teeth need to be extracted because they’ve lost the stable gum structure they need to stay firmly in place.

The sooner we can extract a loose tooth caused by gum recession, the better your chances for successful dental implant placement before you lose too much bone mass in your jaw.

We may also extract a tooth that can’t be saved from decay, damage, or infection in order to replace it right away and preserve your healthy smile.

*It Can Remove Troublesome Wisdom Teeth*

The reason they’re referred to as ‘wisdom’ teeth has to do with the typical age you are when they erupt, if they erupt at all. It tends to happen in your late teens or early twenties.

But make no mistake, there is nothing wise about this third set of molars at all!

What we mean is, wisdom teeth will often try to push their way through your gums regardless if your jaw is large enough to fit them comfortably in your mouth.

If your wisdom teeth become impacted as a result, Dr. Hawkins may refer you to another specialist. But for most other wisdom tooth extractions, you can stay in our Zanesville, OH practice for the procedure.

It all depends on where and how they’re coming in and the potential oral health complications your wisdom teeth may pose for your smile.

*It Can Pave The Way For Dental Implants*

Dr. Hawkins is highly-trained in implant dentistry, which means he has the knowledge and experience to provide tooth loss patients with options if standard implants aren’t right for them.

In other words, your missing teeth could mean you’ve lost too much bone mass to support implants, and in Dr. Hawkins’s care, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the road for your smile.

We can perform a bone graft procedure, which transplants a portion of your own healthy bone to areas where your jawbone has deteriorated due to tooth loss. Over time, your jaw will heal and strengthen so that eventually, you can support dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Another benefit of trusting Dr. Hawkins with your oral surgery is that your post-surgery recovery is faster and more comfortable thanks to our use of platelet-rich fibrin from your own blood. When applied to the surgical site, it reinforces your body’s own natural healing ability to optimize your chances for a successful recovery.

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