3 Reasons To Get Help For Your Sleep Apnea This Spring [BLOG]

Are you energized, refreshed, and ready to welcome the new spring season?

If not, maybe it’s time to investigate the cause of your feelings of sluggishness.

At Hawkins Complete Dental Service, we’ll help you get to the bottom of it with our strategies for diagnosing and treating sleep apnea .

We’ll help you find solutions that work so you can get the rest you need for a healthier, more enjoyable year, no matter the season!

Losing Sleep Affects More Than Your Energy

Obviously, losing sleep here and there will make you feel less energetic. Enough sleep loss over time will make you downright lethargic, as if you’re sludging through the day waist deep in water.

But that’s not the only affect sleep apnea has on you.

Lack of energy, especially this time of year, is bad enough!

Here are three other reasons you should get help for your nightly sleep disorder this spring:

*Reason #1 – Your Weight*

You might first suspect sleep apnea is behind your fatigue if you snore loudly each night. But another common sign of this sleep disorder you may have overlooked is weight gain.

If you haven’t made any dramatic changes to your diet but seem to be putting on weight, it could mean that you’re not getting enough rest. That’s because leptin, which is a hormone that lets you know when you’re full, isn’t being produced as much as it should be.

Treatment with Dr. Hawkins can help regulate leptin production in your body so you can more easily avoid overeating and get weight under control.

*Reason #2 – Your Immunity*

People who don’t get enough sleep are compromising their body’s natural healing potential. If you’re exhausted, so is your immune system.

At a time of year like this, the last thing you need is weak immunity. As winter transitions to spring, you’re more vulnerable to cold and flu season, especially if you’re sleep deprived.

You need adequate sleep so to encourage your body’s ability to fight off such threats.

*Reason #3 – Your Total Body Wellness*

Your body is an impressive machine that knows exactly what to do run at peak performance. It knows how to compensate when resources are limited or compromise. It knows how to heal itself in the face of challenges and dangers.

It even knows how to keep fighting despite deficiencies for an astonishing amount of time before all its systems start to fail.

But at a certain point, fail it can. That’s because your body needs the right fuel to work for you.

You need to drink lots of water. You need to eat nutritious food. You need to be kind to your body and manage daily stress. You need to stay active.

And you need to get some sleep!

Sleep deprivation isn’t just something that zaps your energy and vigor. It has residual effects that impede your total wellness, like:

-Moodiness & Irritability

-Problems With Memory

-Difficulty Concentrating

-High Risk For Accidents

-Increased Risk For Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, & Stroke

You can avoid these problems by getting the rest you need with sleep apnea treatment at Hawkins Complete Dental Service.

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You have every reason to get help for sleep apnea this spring, but the most important is your health. One restless night isn’t a big deal, but it doesn’t take very long for persistent restless nights to manifest into serious health consequences.

Lack of sleep is the kind of thing that builds and builds until your body’s ability to function properly is negatively impacted.

Stop that pattern of sleepless nights so you can feel refreshed and energetic this spring, and get help at Hawkins Complete Dental Service.

In our Zanesville, OH dental office, we’ll work to find solutions for your nightly breathing problems so you can avoid the systemic health problems that come with sleep apnea.

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