3 Reasons Everyone Is Choosing Dental Implants [BLOG]

Everyone wants the best for themselves, right?

Then it should come as no surprise when it comes to replacing missing teeth, patients who come to Hawkins Complete Dental Service for help always want to know more about dental implants in Zanesville, OH.

Today, you’ll understand why!

Dental Implants Are The Best Way To Replace Teeth!

Here are three reasons patient after patient faced with the decision on how to best replace missing teeth is choosing dental implants:

Everyone Wants To Eat Delicious, Healthy Foods!

Without all your teeth, your mouth will not function the way it’s supposed to.

That means, unfortunately, you aren’t able to eat comfortably and confidently all the healthy, delicious foods you love.

Certain things will have to be wiped off the menu, leaving you with fewer options and a nutrition imbalance.

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives eating the same boring, bland, soft foods day in and day out!

With dental implants stabilizing your replacement teeth, you don’t have to!

Implants behave like a tooth root, engaging your jawbone with every bite you take. This encourages lasting bone growth, and because the implant fuses to the bone itself, it keeps your bite strong and powerful enough for you to eat whatever you want!

Everyone Wants To Keep Their Teeth!

For those patients who don’t need total tooth replacement, keeping their healthy remaining teeth is incredibly important.

But not all replacement teeth can ensure the lasting strength and stability of your surrounding teeth.

The reason is that with every tooth lost, your jawbone and gums in that area deteriorate, and it’s a process of degeneration that spreads until something, like a dental implant, stops it.

While a dental crown or bridge will replace a single missing tooth with little-to-no disruption to your healthy bone growth, losing several teeth is a recipe for disaster, unless you choose to keep your jawbone and gum tissues strong, healthy, and fully engaged.

That’s exactly what a dental implant placed inside your jawbone will do!

It’s attaches naturally to the bone and promotes long-term healthy growth so your new teeth not only function almost as well as real teeth, but your surrounding structures and teeth are kept strong and sound!

Everyone Is Tired Of Slippery Dentures!

Slippery dentures have almost become a comical meme at this point, as unfortunate as that is.

It’s been the only option for so long, at least until recently, that everyone knows about the limitations of life with removable dentures.

Even the strongest adhesives can’t keep dentures in place as firmly as real teeth, and for that reason, the old joke about grandpa’s dentures slipping around in his mouth or falling out entirely during family dinner is the kind of mortifying experience everyone facing tooth loss wants to avoid!

That’s another reason dental implants are such an appealing option.

Because they replace your tooth root, they stabilize your new teeth like no other replacements can. You won’t suffer those awkward, embarrassing slips that are all too common for standard denture-wearers.

There’s also no extra cleaning or maintenance involved in caring for your dental implants, like soaking your dentures overnight or scrubbing them clean everyday.

With implants and restorations, you just brush and floss normally!

Schedule Your Consultation!

Even those who fear dental treatment, or assume the price is too high for dental implants, still want all the advantages of this superior tooth replacement option.

That’s why we encourage anyone with missing teeth to at least visit Dr. Hawkins in Zanesville, OH for an implant consultation.

We offer mini dental implants, which are more affordable and easier to place than so many people realize.

Don’t assume that there’s no hope for your diet, your oral health, or your smile.

Get the professional guidance of our experienced team and find the right solution to replace your missing teeth and give you your life back!

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