3 Problems With Store-Bought Athletic Mouthguards [BLOG]

It’s been a long wait, but spring is here and we can all finally get back to a more active lifestyle in the warm sun and fresh air.

With spring sports season underway, our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service wants to make sure your smile is safe through it all!

Your Smile Needs Special Protection This Time Of Year!

Playing a sport, especially at a young age, teaches you so many valuable life lessons.

You learn how to overcome physical and mental obstacles, how to discipline yourself to perfect your skills, and how to behave gracefully in the face of disappointment and defeat.

But with all those valuable lessons, you also put yourself at a unique risk for dental problems from accidents and injuries while playing.

That’s why many sports necessitate wearing an athletic mouthguard to protect you from:

*A hard blow to the mouth by a bat, ball, or puck

*A powerful collision with another player

*A nasty trip or fall onto a hard surface

Instead of facing these dangers unprotected and risk a broken or knocked-out tooth, your teeth and gums need to be fully covered with an athletic mouthguard that’s designed especially for you.

And you can only get that from a seasoned dentist like Dr. Hawkins in Zanesville, OH!

3 Problems With Store-Bought Athletic Mouthguards

Either you or your child plays a sport this spring that puts your teeth and gums at risk for dental injuries. That means you need the right kind of protection.

But before you head to the nearest sporting goods store to grab a cheap mouthguard off the shelf, consider these common problems you will inevitably run into!

*They Don’t Fit*

You wouldn’t gear up for a baseball or softball game with a glove or helmet that was too tight and uncomfortable, nor would you wear knee pads during a volleyball match that kept sliding down your legs all the way to your ankles.

The same is true for athletic mouthguards!

To serve its purpose, it needs to fit properly.

And if you or your child athlete is going to wear it, it needs to fit comfortably, as well.

Mouthguards you buy from a sporting goods store are made for everyone, which unfortunately means, they’re made to fit no one!

*They Can Be A Distraction*

Imagine running up and down the court, the field, or around the diamond from one base to the next with a mouthguard that’s too big for your mouth.

Chances are, you’ll be clenching it tightly just to keep it from flying out of your mouth.

This will make it really hard to breathe easily, which then makes it harder to focus and perform.

A shifting, poorly-fitted mouthguard is a distraction, in other words, which will only put you at a greater risk for injuries.

*They Won’t Fully Protect Your Teeth*

Because they don’t provide a custom fit, and consequently, put athletes at risk for unsafe distractions during a game, store-bought mouthguards can’t fully protect your teeth, gums, lips, face, and head.

A mouthguard should cover your mouth in all the right places and stay put while you’re moving around on the court or field in order to serve its purpose.

Only a personalized fit from a professionally-made athletic mouthguard can offer that!

Protect Your Smile!

Dr. Hawkins is a highly-respected, experienced Zanesville dentist who goes out of his way to perform quality dental treatments that keep his patients smiling.

That includes the smiles of all those young sports enthusiasts who visit our dental office for athletic mouthguards!

To minimize dental risk and maximize protection of your teeth and gums, you need a mouthguard that’s perfectly designed to fit your mouth.

Protect your smile now with an athletic mouthguard at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH. Call us today at 740-214-1301 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.