Our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH has awesome news for you!

You’re not going to fear the dentist anymore!

The reason we’re so confident about that is because Dr. Hawkins and our caring staff help fearful patients every single day gain more and more confidence about their appointments thanks to two effective strategies.

2 Reasons You Won’t Fear The Dentist Anymore!

Here are two reasons we believe you can overcome dental anxiety when you trust our Zanesville, OH team for support!

Reason #1 – Comfort Items

Your average doctor or dentist office will likely look and feel uninviting and clinical. Even the sterile smell can nauseate an already anxious patient!

But that’s not what will captivate your senses when you enter our Zanesville, OH practice.

Instead, you’ll enter to the aroma of freshly-baked cookies, which you can enjoy while you wait to be seen.

You can even lay back in a comfortable massage chair, watch TV, and wrap yourself in a warm, cozy blanket.

If this doesn’t sound like the kind of dental appointment you’ve come to expect, then you just haven’t come to the right place yet! Let Hawkins Complete Dental Service treat you like a welcomed guest whose comfort needs come first!

Reason #2 – Dental Sedation

It’s not easy to find a dental practice that caters to their patients’ comfort needs. Sedation options are even more rare, outside of laughing gas, if anything.

That’s because, particularly when it comes to dental sedation, a dentist must extend his or her training to provide stronger relaxation methods for fearful patients.

Dr. Hawkins has gone that extra mile, and as a result, our patients can choose among three different sedation dentistry options to suit their individual needs:

*Inhaled sedation – As we mentioned, laughing gas is a common strategy to ease patients into the dental chair for fast, effective relaxation before treatment.

*Oral sedation – Those who need something stronger to calm their nerves appreciate being able to rely on a powdered sedative before their appointment so they’re more deeply relaxed during a procedure.

*IV sedation – We can administer a sedative through an IV, closely monitor, and adjust the settings as needed during your treatment while you’re in a dream-like state, relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Now You Have Every Reason To Smile!

With a comfortable environment, calming atmosphere, and dental sedation, you now have every reason to smile!

We’ve seen over and over again what dental anxiety can do, not only to a patient’s state of mind, but also to the state of their oral health.

But when we combine comfort and relaxation, you can overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way of a great smile, like:

*Tooth sensitivity

*Low pain tolerance

*Sensitive gag reflex

*Fear of the unknown

*Smells, sights, and sounds of a dentist office

*Shame or guilt about poor dental health

Our patient-centered approach will help you experience dental care in a whole new way, one that will build your confidence and a healthy, beautiful smile, too!

Schedule A Fear-Free Visit!

Everything we’ve talked about, particularly for fearful patients, really has to be seen to be believed.

That’s why you should schedule a fear-free visit to our Zanesville, OH dental office today.

You’ll be able to meet our welcoming staff, familiarize yourself with the environment, and learn more about our comfort and sedation options.

Overcoming dental anxiety happens one small step at a time, and Dr. Hawkins and our team will be there for every one of them so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile!

Call Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH today at 740-214-1301 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.