Get the Truth From Zanesville Mini Implant Research

Getting a dental implant is simply easier with a smaller implant. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about the effectiveness of using a narrow-diameter implant, or a mini implant. The science doesn’t lie, however. We have been reviewing global mini implant research in Zanesville. We have found, again and again, that narrow-diameter implants (NDI) are just as effective as standard implants. Plus, mini implants will allow you to:

  • Eat all your favorite foods again
  • Smile with more confidence
  • Improve your oral and overall health
  • Speak more clearly so you can avoid embarrassment

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Mini Implants Produce Fantastic & Effective Results

The biggest question patients have is how can a mini implant compare to a full-size implant? How can they possibly accomplish the same things? The truth is that they can, and they often do so with less discomfort to you! Take a look at this research review that assessed the findings of over 21 research studies. The conclusion is that an NDI will produce the clinical results we are looking for!

Mini implants create solutions for your missing teeth, no matter how many teeth you are missing. In fact, there are many cases where placing an NDI is favorable to placing a standard implant. A Dentistry Today article takes a look at some of those situations. Patients with a smaller jawbone, less financial resources, and compromised oral health may find that a mini implant will give them a full restoration and recovery when a standard implant is not an option.

In addition:

The research is in. When placed by a highly trained dentist, mini implants are a great solution. Dr. Hawkins has been extensively trained by the Midwest Implant Institute and Misch International Implant Institute. He also has Fellowship status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists due to his successful implant cases and continuing education.

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