Preparing A Cozy Recovery After Oral Surgery [BLOG]

It would be great if you could go your entire life and manage to avoid oral surgery, but when you need it, you need it.

You may need to have a tooth extracted to relieve your pain and keep your mouth healthy or a bone graft performed to prepare your mouth for dental implants. It’s sometimes a necessary step to ensure your lasting dental health.

We know you’d rather be doing other things, but when you think about it, winter is the best time for these types of procedures!

You can stay inside for a day or two while you recover, cuddle up with soft, warm blankets, and avoid those cold, frigid temperatures we get this time of year!

There’s really no reason to be bummed out about oral surgery when you’re in our capable hands in Zanesville, OH.

At Hawkins Complete Dental Service, we provide state-of-the-art technology, as well as dental sedation so your oral surgery procedures are efficient and comfortable.

Preparing A Cozy Recovery After Oral Surgery

First, make sure you’ve read and understood all your post-op instructions from Dr. Hawkins before your actual appointment date. That way you’ll have time to get any questions answered before your procedure and be able to solely focus on your rest and recovery.

Here are some tips for preparing a cozy recovery after your oral surgery!

*Stock Up On Cold Packs*

Make sure you have cold packs in your freezer in case you experience any pain or swelling after your procedure. You may also have to run to the pharmacy, or have someone do it for you, if Dr. Hawkins prescribes pain medication for your recovery.

*Plan For Soft, Easy Meals*

After an oral surgery, chances are you’re not going to be able to resume your normal eating habits until you’re healed.

That means you should stay away from hard or spicy foods and make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with soft, easy meals. You could prepare macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, or soup and freeze them so all you have to do is nuke your meals instead of cook.

You can also grab a few items from the grocery store a couple days in advance like yogurt, applesauce, and pudding.

*Create A Cozy Set Up For Your Recovery*

If Dr. Hawkins instructs you to take it easy for a couple of days post-op, then create a cozy set up in your bedroom or living room where everything you need is within reach.

Pillows, blankets, the remote control, chargers for your laptop and phone, prescription medications, and any books, magazines, or crossword puzzles to entertain yourself should all be at arm’s reach so you can avoid getting up and down and get the rest you need.

Schedule Your Procedure Today!

Don’t be discouraged about needing oral surgery. If it has to happen, better that it happens in the cold winter months!

While the neighbors are fighting the frigid morning temperatures, scraping their windshields before work, you can stay warm and cozy on the couch while your mouth heals.

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