Newly Engaged? Have The Smile & Wedding Of Your Dreams! [BLOG]

Did your significant other pop the question over the holidays?

If so, our team at Hawkins Complete Dental Service wants to congratulate you on your engagement!

Now that you have a wedding to plan, you’re going to need some help creating the perfect look for the most important day of your life.

You’ll find that with cosmetic dentistry in Zanesville, OH!

Get A Dream Smile For Your Wedding!

We can’t lend much help in the wedding plans, but we can help get your smile ready for your special day with our various cosmetic dentistry services.

Here are a few ways we can create your dream smile while you plan your dream wedding:

*Wow Your Guests With A White Smile*

All eyes will be on you and your fiancé for the entire day, which means you don’t want your teeth to literally pale in comparison to the bright, stunning white wedding gown for every moment!

Get teeth whitening treatment for a quick, affordable solution!

We trust the impressive iSmile 30-minute system that whitens teeth using a special light while you take a break from the stress of wedding plans and relax in the dental chair!

*Get Your Smile In Perfect Shape*

It’s hard to devote much time and attention to other pursuits while you’re busy planning a wedding, but with our simple cosmetic smile solutions, you won’t risk getting sidetracked from the larger task at hand!

We can get your smile in perfect shape in time for the big day with a couple of different strategies.

For minor teeth flaws like chips, cracks, or small gaps, we offer tooth bonding, a noninvasive technique where we cover imperfections with a composite resin and give your smile a pleasant, even shape and flawless surface.

We can also use dental lasers to reshape awkward teeth or adjust your gumline so your teeth look longer and more attractive.

*Complete Your Look With Facial Rejuvenation*

After you’ve had teeth whitening or tooth bonding to revive your smile, then why not complete your wedding look with facial rejuvenation?

Dr. Hawkins is a skilled dentist who’s also trained in facial rejuvenation so your new and improved smile is highlighted by more supple, youthful skin. This is a noninvasive solution for fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth so your smile really pops!

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Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking these days. There’s a lot of pressure to make every detail worthy of Pinterest, but what’s most important is that you enjoy your special day.

When you walk down the aisle, recite your vows in front of your guests, and pose for pictures well into the evening, you want your smile to be as beautiful and radiant as the day itself.

You can have that with cosmetic dentistry, but start now before all your other preparations steal your time, energy, and attention as the big day gets closer!

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