Ever wondered if you should try sedation dentistry so you can make routine dental appointments part of your life and have a healthy smile once and for all?

Then you might find the answer in today’s blog from your friends at Hawkins Complete Dental Service in Zanesville, OH!

Meet 3 Ideal Candidates For Sedation Dentistry!

Check out these three types of patients who make ideal candidates for sedation dentistry in Zanesville, OH.  If you can personally relate to any of them, you should visit us to experience the benefits of dental sedation for yourself!

*I’m Terrified Of The Dentist*

You probably saw this one coming, right?

Of course, anyone who’s terrified of the dentist will be the most obvious candidate for sedation dentistry.

That’s because an anxious patient is most likely to avoid routine dental care, which can have long-lasting devastating effects on their oral health, and a sedative, whether it’s in pill form, inhaled, or administered through an IV, is the fastest, easiest way to help them relax.

*I’m Too Busy To Go To The Dentist*

Sedation dentistry isn’t just for the fearful patient.

It’s also for the busy patient!

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to fit dentist appointments into an already hectic schedule of work, school, family, kids, practices, games, rehearsals, and recitals. So it makes sense why someone with many responsibilities would put off dental care.

But that’s another benefit of dental sedation! It allows us to complete long procedures in a single visit, or to combine multiple treatments into one appointment. We offer three levels of sedation to suit your comfort needs, from the kind that wears off immediately to full IV or ‘sleep” sedation! This is ideal for anyone on-the-go who’s concerned about arranging transportation to and from their appointment, having to miss work, or scheduling multiple appointments around many other conflicts.

*I Have A Family Member With Special Needs*

If you’re a parent of a special needs child or are charged with the care of a special needs relative, you may experience stress or anxiety with every dental appointment except your own.

Some patients aren’t able to fully understand why they’re at the dentist or why they’re receiving certain treatment, for example, and because of that, they may feel intense panic once in the dental chair.

If they’re not able to feel calm and relaxed on their own, they may become overwhelmed by panic and unable to sit still, which can put them and those around them in harm’s way.

You could arrange for the patient to receive dental sedation so that they’re able to completely relax and get the care they need.

When you have the option to choose sedation for your special needs family member, you’ll have more peace of mind about smoother dental appointments in the future.

Try Sedation Dentistry For Yourself!

You really need to experience dental sedation firsthand to fully appreciate its benefits. Our caring staff at Hawkins Complete Dental Service has years of experience with patients from all walks of life and know how to make you feel safe, supported, and relaxed, no matter your needs or level of anxiety.

Let us show you how comfortable dental care can be!

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